As a kid I started out with an Kodak 110 Instamatic (strange name - there was nothing “instant” about it) taking pictures of flowers when we lived in Riverside, California. Years later, armed with the Nikon 4004 & 50mm lens my father gave me, I rediscovered photography while a graphic design student at Purdue University. I found photography to be an exciting blend of art, technology, chemistry, optics, and mathematics. More importantly, I fell in love with LIGHT - the essence of photography. Soft light. Hard light. Dramatic light. Clean light. Dirty light. The different tones, hues, and emotions of light.


I transferred to Indiana University and graduated with a degree in Photojournalism from the university's Ernie Pyle School of Journalism. I’ve worked as a photojournalist for the Herald Times (Bloomington, IN), The Times Mail (Bedford, IN), South Bend Tribune (South Bend, IN), and the Associated Press.


In 1996 I began teaching photography and graphic design at the Indiana Vocational Technical College. After four years, I moved to NYC to be a “big city” photographer and to work as Technical Director of Photography at Long Island University in Brooklyn.


I enjoy photographing a variety of subjects including portraits, still lifes, bugs, sports, and documenting the carefree play of children. When not behind the camera, I spend time riding my Basso, reading, tinkering with lighting equipment, watching Sci-Fi, and enjoying good dark chocolate. I currently reside in Queens, NY with my wife Hisae and two super duper daughters Julie & Ellie.


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